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Best Mind Map (Online, Free, and Cloud to Google Drive, Dropbox…)

I'v test many softwares for mind maping softwares to manage my tasks, skills, house tasks, ideas, projects… and i found lot of them.

i tested mindmaps for mobile apps, but they are not complete and everytime you find a miss options, itest hardware apps also you have to take your laptop every where you go,and i already worked with some online mindmaps softwares that i found a big issue that they are not free,

finaly i find a great tool cals mindmup in and i found it an amazing tool that i can use everytime, every where, with attachements also and notes and progress icons and many features.

BZg0ySLCMAAP48R mindmup-example

Try it it is the best for for your needs 🙂

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