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Creative Still life prints (Art) by Takeshi Murata

Art imitates life: Takeshi Murata’s strange still life prints

Takeshi Murata is a Chicago-born/New-York-based artist. His colorful digital pop art consists of mundane everyday objects arranged in seemingly random compositions. Even though they’re all computer-generated, they look quite lifelike down to the reflections. His aesthetic walks a fine line between absurd and funny, as he crafts odd little universes in a flat, surreal fashion. They make little sense, but it is their strange randomness that makes them so fun to look at.

Recently, he has collaborated with Brooklyn-based experimental musician ‘Oneohtrix Point Never’ on a music video entitled “Problem Areas.” This is where I first learned of his work and it is definitely something to check out! You can watch the music video below.



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