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Creative Still life prints (Art) by Takeshi Murata

Takeshi Murata is a Chicago-born/New-York-based artist. His colorful digital pop art consists of mundane everyday objects arranged in seemingly random compositions. Even though they’re all computer-generated, they look quite lifelike down to the reflections. His aesthetic walks a fine line between absurd and funny, as he crafts odd little… Read More

Take UX to the next level by adding ‘delight’ / Prenez UX au niveau suivant en ajoutant «plaisir»

Web sites are built to perform a function, and communicate to their users. But beyond this, web sites can also be engaging, exciting, even fun to use. Adding visual interest to a site helps sustain our engagement with it, whether that is by typography, graphics or photography. But I… Read More

44 Awesomely Amusing Aerobatics Photography

Aerobatics is a fun-to-watch stunts and flight maneuvers executed by professional pilots around the world. They usually perform in several air shows by teams presenting amazing maneuvers and formations coupled with white or colored smokes that outline their tracks. With these smokes, they create figures and typographies that… Read More

Fascinating Flying Houses To Uplift Your Perspective

In photography, perspective is always an utmost importance. With it, you can create different and bizarre photographs that can bring amazement and awe to the audience. By knowing its technicalities and mixing it with creativity, who knows what fantastic images you can make. Below, you can observe a… Read More

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